Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

BAE Systems Submarines proudly sponsors Furness Education Trust.

BAE Systems has worked hand-in-hand with the Furness community for many years and, as can be seen through their sponsorship of our Trust, places great emphasis on the importance of local education.

They are a strong supporter of education within Furness and have demonstrated their commitment to Furness Education Trust from its inception. With a shared sense of purpose, they aim to help provide the best learning opportunities for all local children and young people.

As a sponsor of Furness Education Trust, they understand the needs of both the employers and the community to bring a synergy to the development and future success of all of the schools within our Trust.
Furness and South Cumbria offers excellent employment opportunities, particularly in engineering or related disciplines and we are committed to helping local people have the best possible education, training and employment prospects.

Through BAE Systems sponsorship, and delivered by our Academies, parents and carers can look forward to their child being provided with a superb education particularly in STEM subjects, alongside excellent facilities. Sponsorship by BAE Systems Submarines also provides our academies with real insight into the needs of local employers, enabling us to support the future employability of our students.

Finally, through our sponsors, we deliver strong governance led by active and engaged Trustees, led by BAE Systems Submarines professionals, providing the Trust with access to a wide range of business and specialist technical expertise.

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