Trust Services

Trust Services

Trust Services

Furness Education Trust Services deliver key non-teaching operations for all academies within our Trust. The team provides support in the following areas:

  • Catering
  • Finance
  • Facilities Management
  • Human Resources (HR) & Governance
  • ICT Services
  • Marketing and Communications

Trust Services is led by the Chief Operating Officer.

Trust Services  has provided support to all Trust schools since its creation in September 2019. Since its inception, we have continued to make new appointments and expand the structure as the Trust and central services has evolved. The purpose of Trust Services is to reduce the burden of these services for our headteachers so that they and their Local Academy Committees can focus on school development. 


Trust Services benefits Furness Education Trust schools in several ways:

  • Provides specialist in-house services to support management activities and vision as well as teaching and learning at all academies within the Trust.
  • Delivers key priorities and supports academy leadership in delivering an outstanding educational experience for our students.
  • Provides quality-assured services to keep our academies legal, financially robust and continually developing.
  • Provides reassurance of compliance with all legal regulations.
  • Delivers financial sustainability and efficiency with economies of scale and cost savings for centrally procured services.


Services to our wider community

In addition to the services provided to Trust schools, the Trust Services provides support to the wider education community in the Furness Peninsula.

Our Catering team provide school meals to local primary schools and education providers across the Furness Peninsula.

Our Facilities Management team provide site management, facilities support and health and safety guidance to local schools.

Our Family Support Worker provides emotional and practical support to parents and their families, in their school, own homes and in the community.

Our Community Sport Leaders, alongside the School Games Organiser, deliver sports programmes to schools across South Cumbria.

For more information on Trust Services, please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager, Amy Warner, at

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