Engineering Club receives delivery from James Dyson

Engineering Club receives delivery from James Dyson

Furness Academy Engineering club receives exciting delivery from James Dyson.

The Furness Academy Engineering club received an exciting delivery this term, direct from the Dyson factories. The delivery was the Dyson Engineering Box, a large crate filled with vacuum pieces, turbine heads and even an entire DC39 Vacuum cleaner.
The students are encouraged to unpack the box and take apart the item, using the screwdrivers provided, to better understand how the technology works.

Over the coming weeks, the students will take apart a Dyson machine, identifying design clues, to understand the engineering thinking behind how – and why – it works.

The purpose of this project is to harness young people’s curiosity for how things work. The students who are part of the engineering club already have a passion for all things engineering based. However, through this project, the aim is to take this a step further helping students to understand the design process from the inside out. This is with the aim of teaching them to be ready to develop their own solutions to everyday problems. They will also learn about the diversity of engineering jobs, hearing the lowdown from real Dyson engineers through various videos during their time in the club.

Head of Engineering, Mr Glenn Kaighan said “I am so pleased we have been chosen to receive one of the Dyson Engineering Boxes. This is an amazing project for our Engineering club to work on. The students are given the opportunity for some hands on experience with innovative products and learn exactly how they work and why they were designed this way.”