Executive Headteacher reflects on first term successes

Executive Headteacher reflects on first term successes

Executive Headteacher reflects on first term successes

Janine Pierce moved into her new role at Furness Education Trust in September 2021, taking on the executive headship and primary lead at the Trust. Already a successful Headteacher of the Ofsted graded outstanding Yarlside Academy, Janine moved into the role of Executive Headteacher of both Yarlside and Victoria Academies in September 2021.

As a National Leader in Education, Janine has a proven track-record of supporting schools across Cumbria to improve and develop. Having worked closely with Victoria Academy for many years, first as part of the Inspired Learning Trust and, more recently, Furness Education Trust, the Executive Headteacher role across the two schools was a natural progression.

Janine said, “It was a real privilege to have been offered the role. It has been a great opportunity to take everything that is good about the school and strive for outstanding. My vision is for our staff to continually improve and deliver exceptional teaching and learning, providing opportunities for our pupils, delivered through improved resources and facilities. It is my aim that children at both schools are given an outstanding education”.

Her first term as Executive Headteacher has been one of great success, with much of Janine’s vision implemented. During this short time, there has been an incredible turn around in many areas, including a large increase in the number of pupils applying to join Victoria Academy from infant school. Janine has trebled after-school clubs and activities, overseeing an ongoing programme of refurbishment of classrooms and communal areas, with increased investment in new ICT equipment including new interactive boards and laptops for all pupils. Janine quickly identified more effective ways for her two schools to work together as part of the Trust, including closer working practices to deliver outstanding education across all schools and improved teaching and learning.

The school won a successful bid for funding of £250,000 for a new roof which will be installed this year, with future bids for funding planned. With the new roof and the installation of LED lighting throughout the school, Janine and the Trust are working hard to reduce the carbon footprint of all of the trust schools.

On her new role, Janine said, “I am enjoying being part of the Victoria Academy community and getting to know our pupils and their parents and carers. You will often see me at the school gates in a morning and after school, greeting our parents and pupils. The introduction of our worker of the month celebrations means not only that we can bring parents into our school, but that they get to share in the achievements of their children. Coronavirus has meant that these sorts of events have been missing from our school calendars and I am pleased to be bringing these back and introducing more”.

“Victoria Academy is a great school, with dedicated staff and wonderful pupils and I am privileged to be part of this. I understood taking on this new role across both schools would be a challenge, but I am loving it. It’s such a great opportunity and I am excited for what’s to come.”

Simon Laheney, Chief Executive Officer of Furness Education Trust, said, “We were delighted when Janine accepted the role of Executive Headteacher. As our primary lead and based on her work locally as a National Leader in Education, Janine was the perfect choice for this new role. Already, we can see the transformation happening at Victoria Academy and the benefit of having our primary academies working together under Janine’s leadership. I have no doubt that she will continue to be successful in this role”.