Furness Education Trust joins prestigious music programme

Furness Education Trust joins prestigious music programme

Furness Education Trust joins prestigious music programme

Furness Academy, part of Furness Education Trust, has been chosen to be the newest member of the Andrew Lloyd Webber Music in Secondary Schools Trust Programme (MiSST). The school will become the 23rd school on the MiSST programme. MiSST currently works with 22 schools in the UK, including London, Oldham, Warwickshire and Middlesbrough.

MiSST was founded in 2013 after several years of development at an inner-city London school. From inauspicious beginnings, the methods that became the Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme were key in transforming outcomes at the school. MiSST now provides opportunities to over 8,030 students and improves educational and social outcomes through the provision of classical instruments and expert tuition. MiSST has currently served over 14,500 children.

They work in schools that serve disadvantaged communities by providing not only funding for classical instruments as well as support in the form of regular tuition, opportunities to perform and a programme of excellence that is unrivalled in the UK. Their mission is to be at the forefront of classical music education.

At Furness Academy, the MiSST programme will fund one-to-one instruments and professional tuition in the school, on a three-year programme, beginning with the incoming class of Year 7 students in September 2022. These students will be presented with their chosen instrument, either flute, violin or viola, when joining Furness Academy in September and will receive tuition on this instrument in their music lessons. Students will be encouraged to take their instruments home to practise and there will be a wealth of extra-curricular activities surrounding the programme, including the opportunity to perform in London’s Drury Lane Theatre next year.

These students will continue their music tuition throughout Year 8 and 9 with a view to achieving music grades in their preferred instrument. Moving forward, each incoming year group from September 2022 will join the MiSST programme and will receive an instrument and tuition during Key Stage 3.

Simon Laheney, Headteacher of Furness Academy and CEO of Furness Education Trust said, “We are pleased that we have been chosen to be MiSST’s 23rd school. This is an incredible opportunity for our students and our town to be part of such a prestigious project, backed by Lord Lloyd Webber, and provided by the incredible MiSST team. The impact of being part of MiSST in other secondary schools has been profound, seeing increased long-term engagement of students, beyond their music lessons and a positive impact of students social and personal development. We are incredibly proud of the partnership we now have with MiSST and look forward to all the opportunities we will be able to offer our students as part of the programme”.

Rachel Landon, CEO of MiSST said, “MiSST are thrilled to be partnering with Furness Academy from September 22. The school like us are dedicated to bringing opportunities to children who may not have been able to access this provision and understand the positive impact that a high-quality music programme can have on children and are committed to bringing this entitlement to them. The children will get a minimum of three years tuition and will be following our curriculum named The Andrew Lloyd Webber programme which has had a significant impact on the lives of so many children around the country”.

Michelle Larcombe, Head of Music at Furness Academy, said, “I am absolutely thrilled the MiSST have chosen us to be their 23rd school. I know many schools apply for this opportunity each year and I am so pleased that Rachel and the MiSST trustees have chosen our school to be part of this amazing programme. We have an incredible culture of performing arts across our Trust and the Andrew Lloyd Webber programme allows us to develop this so much further. The opportunities this brings for our students are absolutely unrivalled, and I cannot wait for them to have chance to perform in some incredible London Theatres. This will undoubtedly raise the profile of music in our school, across our trust and within our local area. I am excited to launch the project in September and officially begin our work with MiSST”.




BRIDGE project was created to develop supportive tools for teachers and parents to help their students through this transition. Furness Education Trust is uniquely positioned as offer insight into primary to secondary transition. This is something we work hard on each year to make the transition for our students as seamless and easy as possible. The BRIDGE project is just another example of the work delivered through our Furness International programme and I am pleased we can offer these amazing opportunities for travel and development to our staff and our students”.