Furness Education Trust welcomes a fifth school

Furness Education Trust welcomes a fifth school

Furness Education Trust welcomes a fifth school

Furness Education Trust this week welcomes an application from Newton School to join the Trust, becoming their fifth school. Following a successful consultation period, where parents, staff, students, governors and the community were offered the opportunity to express their opinions, the consensus was overwhelmingly positive and the application to join the Trust can officially proceed.


Furness Education Trust currently comprises of three primary schools Yarlside Academy, Victoria Academy and Parkside Academy and one secondary school Furness Academy. Newton Primary School is a successful community primary school which has been praised for its high quality education, strong leadership and a place where every child matters. It has a strong reputation and is recognised as the school of choice for many parents, characterised by strong relationships and a tangible sense of inclusivity.


Simon Laheney, Chief Executive Officer of Furness Education Trust said, “We were pleased when Lisa Fell, headteacher of Newton School, and her governors approached us to discuss the possibility of their school joining our Trust. We felt that Furness Education Trust is now a strong trust that is mature enough to grow and take in more schools to share and deliver the high quality educational services that our current schools receive.  Newton School brings its own distinct identity to our Trust and expertise that we welcome. It is a true village school, serving its community with values that closely align with those of our Trust and our schools.

All our schools maintain their own identity and character when joining our Trust, but it is important to us that our ethos and values align, so that we are always working together and in collaboration to deliver the best for our young people and our communities. Newton School clearly places their community and students at the heart of what they do and we look forward to them bringing their unique expertise as a village school to our Trust”.


Lisa Fell, headteacher of Newton Primary School said “With the upcoming education white paper and academisation on the political agenda, my governors and I felt this was the right time to discuss the possibility of academising and controlling our own destiny. We approached Furness Education Trust after learning about the Trust’s ethos and values and seeing how clearly these align with what we try to deliver in our own school. Upon further research and having conversations with Simon, his team and those involved in Furness Education Trust, we felt that the benefits of joining such an established Trust for our school and students were vast.

The centralised Trust Services team will allow me, as a headteacher, to focus on teaching and learning without the daily concerns over site management, ICT, finance and more. The resources and financial support available to our school will allow us to make financial savings, as has already been seen in the Trust, and invest more and more in our children. We are pleased to be progressing with our application now we have had a successful consultation period and look forward to joining the Trust in September 2022”.