Parkside Academy receives Good rating

Parkside Academy receives Good rating

 Parkside Academy receives Ofsted Good Rating

In October, Parkside Academy underwent it’s first Ofsted inspection since becoming an Academy.  This was a two day inspection by three inspectors and we are pleased to be sharing the outcome of this inspection.

Parkside Academy has been rated Good with Outstanding elements. The inspectors praised student behaviour saying this was exemplary in lessons and conduct around school is impeccable. They commented that many children join the early years when they are two years old and they get off to the best possible start.  

They recognised that leaders in the early years have focused their efforts on the development of children’s language and communication skills and have forged highly effective relationships with parents and carers . This enables leaders to support parents so that they can help their children with their learning at home.  

Mrs Caroline Walker, Parkside Academy’s Headteacher said “I am extremely proud to be the headteacher of such an inspirational school with a fantastic team of staff, children and their families. Whilst having an inspection during a pandemic was one of the biggest challenges we have faced as a school, I am delighted that Ofsted recognised the hard work and dedication of our staff, our ambitious high-quality curriculum and our high expectations that ensure every child in our school demonstrates impeccable attitudes to learning resulting in exceptional achievement.”

Mr Simon Laheney, Chief Executive Office of Furness Education Trust stated, “We were proud to receive confirmation of the outcome of Parkside Academy’s recent Ofsted inspection. This is the first full inspection carried out since Parkside became an Academy and since joining Furness Education Trust. This is an excellent achievement under the new and much more robust inspection framework and really demonstrates the commitment shown to children’s education, despite what the COVID-19 pandemic has been thrown our way. The Good rating, with Outstanding elements, reflects a school that has great relationships with its students and community, where children are at the heart of the school and, importantly, where children are happy. I am pleased Ofsted recognised the opportunities provided for the young people in our care at Parkside and the positive environment in which they learn.”